Horizontech Falcon King Tank Review

Falcon King Tank Review


Falcon King is the newer version of Falcon. Both the tanks are envisioned and produced by Horizontech – a name that is fast becoming synonymous with quality sub-ohm tanks.

In this Review for UK Horizontech Falcon King Sub-Ohm Tank we will delve deep and analyze what improvements have been made in the Falcon King and how these changes have affected it:

  • Durability
  • Performance
  • Cloud formation
  • Flavor

Unboxing Horizontech Falcon King

Upon unboxing, we find a number of items:

  • Horizontech Falcon King sub-ohm Tank
  • 0.16ohm resistance M1+ coil head
  • 0.38ohm resistance M-Dual coil head
  • An extra glass tank section
  • A bag for spare parts

Design and Build Quality

Horizontech Falcon King UK is currently offered in a variety of 10 colors. Each tank has an aesthetic resin drip tip that matches the color of the tank and offers a premium finish.

A lot of details have been put into Horizontech Falcon King Sub-Ohm Tank UK that provide a high-end finish. For instance, the triangular notes have been carved onto the base of the tank and on the top cap.

Falcon King Tank Review

Tank Capacity

The tank is quite bulkier than most sub-ohms in the market. The bulkiness and wideness of the tanks stem from the tank’s larger capacity to hold 6ml liquid.

As opposed to a traditional 4ml tank, the 6ml capacity has been warmly welcomed and rids the vape users from going through the hassle of filling the tank time and again. Moreover, we anticipate 6ml could be the new norm even in the mid-sized sub-ohm tank lineups.

Falcon King Tank Review


Newer tanks have been released with dual airflow slots, but with increased holes for airflow. This saves space while providing a decent airflow.

Horizontech Falcon King tank in the UK, however, has fallen back to a design that reflects a traditional approach as Falcon King has three airflow slots. The more innovative aspect of the airflow system is its adjustability, which is quite new.

With the slots open, the vape draw is quite airy; and with a restricted slot, Falcon King tank UK gives a constricted Direct to Lung vape draw. Open slots give a little too airy airflow, while the restricted air slots provide a blast of rich flavor.

Leak Proof

Previous Falcon had received a few complaints of leakages which irked some vapers. The improved Horizontech Falcon King Tank UK is a tremendous evolved version as it is guaranteed to be fully leakage proof!

Whether the tank is filled multiple times a day or the coil is used to the end of their lives, the Horizontech Falcon King tank UK remains spill proof and undefeated by spilling juices.


Horizontech Falcon King Sub-Ohm Tank in the UK comes with two coils both of which are a stellar improvement from the previous ones. Both coils give a strong flavor hit, and an awe-inspiring cloud of vapor.

However, both the coils are quite thirsty as they require too much juice which will make users fill the juices at least a couple or three times a day for chain vaping. This also explains why the tank capacity has been increased.

The coils, surprisingly, do not use cotton for wicking. Instead, fiber derived from bamboo has been utilized which explains an increased richness in flavor and longevity of coil life.

Final Takeaway

The Horizontech Falcon King Tank UK is undoubtedly a monstrous sub-ohm tank that has the potential (and probably is) the best in the vape market right now.

Despite thirsty coils, the longer life span of coils and insane flavor hit are enough to convince a vape veteran of Falcon King’s beastly performance.

Q & A:

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  1. What is a sub-ohm tank?

Sub ohm vaping, also known as sub ohming, is a style of vaping that produces large clouds of vapor. Sub ohm devices utilize low resistance coils that are less than one ohm, hence the name sub ohm.

  1. Is Sub-Ohm vaping safe?

A little awareness of the basics of sub ohm safety can go a long way. Even the simplest mods have the potential for serious consequences if used incorrectly. In order to sub ohm safely make sure to be diligent and extremely careful when using any sub ohm device.